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Mehrangarh fort, Jodhpur’s iconic edifice, stands guard over the blue cityVeiled beauties of Jodhpur, both in real life and as portrayed in the wall paintingsThe intricate layers of the blue city BramhapuriA bastion of the Brahmins, bulls are revered creatures in BrahmapuriA blue staircaseInterestingly, even the modest homes in the old city brims with blueA garment shop inside the ancient blue quartersWall painting on a blue houseMost of the houses inside Brahmapuri date back more than three centuriesOnce the primary mode of transport, now only a few horse-drawn carriages can be spotted in the labyrinthine lanes of the blue cityThe walls inside living rooms are also painted blueLife goes on a slow pace in BrahmapuriThe women are almost always dressed in bright colours  which offsets the monochromatic blue backdropA dash of yellow amid the azure lanesGraffiti art on indigo coloured wallsThe moody lanes are awash with translucent colours and patternsEarth kneaded with copper sulphate and plastered across the wall provide a backdrop on which art is created.The expanse of the shimmering blue maze of the old city from the ramparts of the Mehrangarh fort.

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